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NucleoMag® 384 Plant

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NucleoMag® 384 Plant

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NucleoMag® 384 Plant

NucleoMag® 384 Plant

Genomic DNA from plant


Magnet bead based high throughput isolation of DNA from plant samples

• Optimized for high throughput processing in a 384-well format
Efficient purification of DNA from up to 30 mg sample material
Suitable for a wide variety of plant species

Technology Magnetic bead technology
Format Highly reactive superparamagnetic beads

Manual or automated

Sample material

< 30 mg plant tissue (wet weight)

Plant species already successfully tested Zea mays (maize), Brassica napus (rapeseed), Glycine max (soy), Triticum
(wheat), Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco), Elaeis guineensis (oil palm*)
Typical yield Depending on sample source, storage, and quality
A260/A280 1.6–1.9
Elution volume 40–100 µL
Preparation time** 40–120 min/96 preps (excl. lysis)
60 min/384 preps (excl. lysis)
Binding capacity 0.2 µg/µL beads

*Support protocol available. Please inquire tech-bio@mn-net.com.
**Depending on instrument type, setup, and configuration.

• Manual or automated isolation of DNA from plant tissue
• Typical downstream applications: PCR, Southern blotting, any kind of enzymatic reaction




Ordering information



Specification REF
NucleoMag® 384 Plant

1 x 384

NucleoMag® V-Beads, buffers, RNase A 744402.1

4 x 384

as above 744402.4
Material to be supplied by the user
E.g., Rack of Tube Strips
(lysis tubes)

4 sets

1 set consists of 1 rack, 12 strips with 8 tubes each, and 12 cap strips
24 sets as above 740477.24
E.g., Round-well Block
(lysis plate)

4 sets

96-well blocks with 1.2 mL round wells 740475

24 sets

as above 740475.24


E.g., Elution Plate U-bottom (elution plate)


96-well microplates with 300 µL u-bottom, with Self-adhering Foil 740486.24
E.g., Elution Plate Flat-bottom (elution plate) 20 96-well microplates with 370 µL flat-bottom 740673
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type G


2 mL tubes with 5 mm steel balls, for homogenization of plant material 740817.50

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