11.06.–15.06.2018 - Exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt - Hall 4.1,
Stand E7

Again this year MACHEREY-NAGEL will have a booth at the ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt am Main. Visit us and learn about our innovative and successful products in the areas of Filtration, Rapid Tests, Water Analysis, Chromatography, and Bioanalysis.

Water Analysis

Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II

With the spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II MACHEREY-NAGEL revolutionizes your daily laboratory work, combining premium high-tech instruments with outstand-ing usability. With it`s intuitive, icon-based menu guidance, this innovative photometer can be used like a smartphone or tablet. The clearly arranged, high-resolution touch screen display makes your daily measurement routine a real pleasure.

  • 10.1 inch HD touch screen display
  • Integrated turbidity control
  • Inspection equipment monitoring tools

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Sipper module NANOCOLOR® FP-200

To make your laboratory work even more easy and comfortable, MACHEREY-NAGEL recently launched the brand new sipper module NANOCOLOR® FP-200, which is directly operated via the spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II and even allows for the analysis of aggressive samples. With the NANOCOLOR® FP-200, the effort in your laboratory can be reduced significantly and comfortably.

  • Efficient work without changing the cuvette
  • Increased measuring accuracy
  • Perfect interaction with the spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II
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For efficient sample preparation and reliable determination of the TOC-content of waste water, MACHEREY-NAGEL recently launched a new measuring system. With the new tube tests NANOCOLOR® TOC 30 and NANOCOLOR® TOC 300 you obtain obtain correct results within just two hours and only three working steps. The NANOCOLOR® TOC 30 tube test is highly sensitive with a measuring range from 2–30 mg/L C, while the NANOCOLOR® TOC 300 tube test covers a broad range from 20–300 mg/L C. These measuring ranges allow a reliable TOC-analysis, even for small con-centrations, and are perfect for effluent and influent.

  • Efficient sample preparation within 5 minutes
  • Decomposition in just 1 hour
  • Highly sensitive measuring range starting at 2 mg/L TOC
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CHROMABOND® HLB – the hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced SPE phase

The new polymeric SPE adsorbent CHROMABOND® HLB is specially designed for the enrichment of hydrophilic analaytes (e.g., pesticides and pharmaceuticals) from polar matrices like water, blood serum or food. Linked hydrophilic groups of the HLB copolymer interact with polar functional groups of the analytes, while the lipophilic backbone interacts with nonpolar hydrocarbon residues to provide enhanced retention.

  • Hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced phase
  • Enhanced retention for polar compounds
  • Consistent recoveries

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NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18 – fast analyses under highly aqueous conditions

The HPLC core-shell product range has been extended by NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird
RP 18. Due to a polar endcapping and core-shell technology Bluebird RP 18 columns can be used for fast analyses under highly aqueous conditions, especially for very polar analytes like organic acids, water soluble vitamins or pesticides.

  • Special octadecyl core-shell phase with hydrophilic endcapping
  • Extremely durable in 100 % aqueous mobile phase
  • Suitable for LC/MS due to low bleeding characteristics

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SIL HD and Nano-SIL HD – for precise colorization in TLC

The new “High Definition” TLC glass plates SIL HD and Nano-SIL HD are characterized by outstanding dyeability, good wettability and abrasion resistance due to an optimized binder system. These TLC/HPTLC plates are available with and without fluorescent indicator.

  • High luminosity
  • Brilliant staining properties
  • Excellent separation efficiency

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