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NucleoType Mouse PCR

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NucleoType Mouse PCR
NucleoType Mouse PCR

DNA amplification from mouse samples



Kit for rapid mouse typing experiments with common samples such as tail clips, ear punch, hair, and blood

• DNA preparation within 5 minutes
• Loading dye included for subsequent gel electrophoresis
• Designed for tail, ear, blood, and even hair samples

Technology Simple sample preparation suitable for hot start PCR (optional direct PCR)
Format Buffer and PCR mix (for 20–100 µL lysate and 10 µL PCR)
Sample material

Mouse tail clipping (1 mm), mouse ear punch (Ø 1 mm),
mouse blood (1 μL), mouse hairs (approx. 3–30)

PCR NucleoType HotStart PCR Master Mix for fast PCR genotyping (included)*
Amplicon size Recommended for up to 1 kb
Preparation time Lysis 2 min (18–25 °C); Enzyme inactivation 3 min (98 ° C);
PCR cycling 30–90 min (cycler and target size dependent)
Stability 12 months at 4 °C or -20 °C
*For amplicons < 1 kb an extension time of approx. 15 sec is recommended.
• Simple sample preparation in one single tube combined with a fast HotStart PCR
• Direct PCR for PCR analysis directly from unpurified and undiluted samples
** Kits to be used for research purposes only


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NucleoType Mouse PCR


NucleoType HotStart PCR Master Mix (2x), Lysis Buffer M, Proteinase K 743200.25


as above 743200.100


as above 743200.500


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