Download of selected MN application notes
Below you will find a selection of current chromatography application notes (PDF files) developed from our application department.
Chromatography application note
Field of analysis
10/2018 Isothiazolinones from dish-washing agents and cleaning agents samples Cleaning agents
09/2018 Aromatic amines derived from azo colorants in dyed leathers (ISO 17234-1) Contact materials

Comparison of different NUCLEODUR® phases for the determination of primary aromatic amines
Contact materials

07/2018 Cannabinoids (THC) in plasma and serum samples with GC-MS Drugs of abuse
06/2018 Cannabinoids (THC) in urine samples with GC-MS Drugs of abuse

05/2018 Triphenylmethane dyes from aquaculture samples Food
04/2018 Pharmaceuticals from serum Clinical diagnostics
03/2018 Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Natural products
02/2018 Chloramphenicol from honey Food
01/2018 Hydroxymethylfurfural in honey according to DIN 10751 Food

11/2017 Fipronil in eggs Food
10/2017 Steviol glycosides in low-calorie food
09/2017 Food colorants in food with HPLC-UV
08/2017 Residues of sweeteners in fresh water
07/2017 Acrylamide in coffee Food
06/2017 Water soluble vitamins in food supplements with HPLC-UV Food

05/2017 Acrylamide from water according to DIN EN ISO 38413-6
04/2017 Organic acids in fruit juices and white wines
03/2017 Chloramphenicol in prawns

Trace residues of explosive materials following the guidelines set out in USEPA method 8330B and DIN EN ISO 22478 Environment

01/2017 THC in human urine Drugs of abuse


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