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The NANOCOLOR® app allows scanning of 2D barcodes on NANOCOLOR® packs and uses the information included to provide fast and easy access to all data that are important for these tests. Batch-specific certificates are automatically generated from the analytical data in the 2D barcode.

NANOCOLOR® App - All information at a glance

Easy Barcode reading

The packages of our NANOCOLOR® tube tests are equipped with a 2D barcode that contains all relevant information. The app reads this barcode, analyzes the information stored therein and directly displays the test name, item number and expiration date.

Create certificate

Based on the data in the 2D barcode, the app displays information on the analytical performance of the test. It can also create batch specific certificates as pdf files which can be viewed, shared or printed.

Read instruction leaflet

After choosing the option “instruction leaflet”, the app shows the pdf of the instruction leaflet. Important information for the test, such as analytical interferences or compliance with ISO methods is immediately available.

View pictogram

For most NANOCOLOR® tube tests instructions are available in the form of pictograms. These provide basic information and allow performing the test without reading the instruction leaflet. They especially help the less experienced users, but also serve "old hands" as a regular reminder. The app provides quick access to these pictograms and displays them in the usual optimum quality.

Open Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS contain important information about potential hazards and their prevention. Even without internet connection, the NANOCOLOR® app allows direct access to these documents so that necessary measures can immediately be taken.

Everything offline

For scanning a 2D barcode generating certificates, and opening pdf documents no internet connection is required. Thus, the full functionality of the app is also available offline.



  • All important informations immediately
  • Direct access to instruction leaflets, certificates, pictrograms and MSDS



  • Keep your phone in front of the barcode
  • Select the desired information
  • Read or Share



  • Anytime date information
  • Direct access to MSDS
  • All available offline


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