NucleoSpin® DNA Stool

Genomic DNA from stool samples

Isolation of genomic DNA from stool samples


• Suitable for a any stool sample high quality DNA from stool from carnivores,
   omnivores, and herbivores
• NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes for efficient lysis included compatible with the most
   common disruption devices
• NucleoSpin® Inhibitor Removal Columns ensure highest purity of the isolated DNA

Technology Silica-membrane technology combined with NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type A
Format Mini spin columns
Sample material

Approx. 200 mg (180–220 mg)* stool samples (fresh or frozen)

Fragment size 200 bp–approx. 50 kbp
Typical yield Depends on sample type, quality, and water content
A260/A280 1.7–1.9
Elution volume 30–100 µL
Preparation time 60 min/10 preps
Binding capacity 50 µg
* For human stool samples approx. 200 mg should be used. For animal stool samples – depending on the
species – a lower amount of sample material may be required for optimal results.

• Genomic DNA from bacterial and epithelial cells from stool samples
• Typical downstream applications: PCR, real-time PCR, Southern blotting, microarray technology




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Specification REF
NucleoSpin® DNA Stool


NucleoSpin® DNA Stool Columns, NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type A, NucleoSpin® Inhibitor Removal Columns, Collection Tubes (2 mL), Collection Tubes (2 mL, lid), buffers 740472.10


as above 740472.50
250 as above 740472.250


Product accessories


Specification REF
MN Bead Tube Holder 1 Rubber-foam adapter for processing NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes with Vortex-Genie® 2 740469
NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes
Type A

2 mL tubes with ceramic beads for sample homogenization
(0.6–0.8 mm ceramic beads; recommended for stool, soil, and sediments)

NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes
Type B

2 ml tubes with glass beads for sample homogenization
(40–400 μm glass beads; recommended for bacteria)

NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes
Type C

2 mL tubes with corundum for sample homogenization
(1–3 mm corundum; recommended for yeast and fungi)

NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes
Type D
50 2 mL tubes with steel balls for sample homogenization
(3 mm steel balls; recommended for insects, crustaceans, lipid-rich tissue)
NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes
Type E
50 2 mL tubes with steel balls and glass beads for sample homogenization
(3 mm steel balls and 40–400 μm glass beads; recommended for bacteria within insects or tissue samples)

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