Exosome Precipitation Solution (Serum/Plasma)
Exosome Precipitation Solution (Urine)


Exosome Precipitation Solutions – fast and efficient enrichment of exosomes from blood serum and plasma samples, or urine

• Most efficient enrichment of exosomes for any downstream application
• Simple and fast precipitation of exosomes – avoid tedious ultra centrifugation
• Flexibility in sample amount – procedure can be scaled up or down depending on sample volume

Technology Precipitation
Sample material

0.1–1 mL serum/plasma
1–10 mL urine

Sample input flexible
Preparation time 45 min/6 preps


• Exosome precipitation for most efficient total RNA isolation or other biological studies

* Kits to be used for research purposes only. DISTRIBUTION AND USE IN THE USA IS PROHIBITED FOR PATENT REASONS.



Customer testimonial

“We have used the Exosome Precipitation Solution from MN to isolate exosomes from control or HCV infected sera clinical samples according to the protocol. The resulted precipitated fraction was of high yield and enriched in exosomes. The obtained fraction was pure when tested by western blotting with antibodies against HSP90, CD9. We are very satisfied with this product and we already recommend it to other investigators.”

U. Georgopoulou (PhD), Lab. Molecular Virology, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Athens, Greece.


Ordering information

Product Vol Specification REF
Exosome Precipitation Solution
2 mL Precipitation solution, RNase-free water 740398.2
12 mL as above 740398.12
60 mL as above 740398.60
Exosome Precipitation Solution
12 mL Precipitation solution, RNase-free water 740399.12
50 mL as above 740399.50
250 mL as above 740399.250
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