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NucleoMag® Forensic

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NucleoMag® Forensic

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NucleoMag® Forensic

NucleoMag® Forensic

Genomic DNA from forensic samples

Magnetic-bead based isolation of genomic DNA from forensic samples (e.g., casework samples, contact traces)

• One-tube procedure minimzes risk of cross-contamination
• Small elution volumes > 25 µL possible
• Easily adaptable for automated use

Technology Magnetic-bead technology
Format Highly reactive superparamagnetic beads

Manual or automated

Sample material

Casework samples, contact traces (e.g., dried blood spots, cigarette filters, swabs)

Typical yield Depending on sample amount and quality
Typical concentration < 1 ng/μL
Elution volume 25–50 µL
Preparation time 40–120 min/96 preps (excl. lysis)*
Binding capacity 0.4 μg/μL beads
• Manual and automated isolation of DNA from  samples
• STR analysis, qPCR, any kind of enzymatic reaction
*Depending on instrument type, setup, and configuration.
**Kits to be used for research purposes only


Ordering information



Specification REF
NucleoMag® Forensic

1 x 96

NucleoMag® F-Beads, buffers, Proteinase K


4 x 96

as above 744650.4
Material to be supplied by the user
E.g., Rack of Tube Strips (lysis tubes)

4 sets

1 set consists of 1 rack, 12 strips with 8 tubes each, and 12 cap strips 740477

24 sets

as above 740477.24
E.g., Square-well Block (separation plate)


96-well block with 2.1 mL square-wells, ethylene oxide treated (EO)

E.g., Elution Plate U-bottom (elution plate)


96-well microplates with 300 µL u-bottom wells 740486.24


For use with KingFisher® 96 platform


KingFisher® 96 Accessory Kit A

1 set

Square-well Blocks, Deep-well Tip Combs and Elution Plates for 4 x 96 preparations 744950
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
NucleoMag® SEP


magnetic separator 744900
NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters 10 NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters plus Collection Tubes (2 mL), blistered, ethylene oxide treated 740988.10
50 as above 740988.50
250 as above 740988.250
NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters (Bulk) 50 NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters, Collection Tubes (2 mL), bulk packed, blistered, ethylene oxide treated 740988.50B
250 as above 740988.250B
1000 as above 740988.1000B

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