Compact photometer PF-3
The smart solution for special applications

  • Intuitive menu guidance
  • Water proof according to IP 68
  • USB connection and free software
  • Add new tests anytime for free
  • Lightweight and robust
Addition to the MN family

The new compact photometer PF-3 is the smallest member of the MACHEREY-NAGEL photometer family. The instrument is the logical addition to our product portfolio and perfectly fits our tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

As the PF-3 is equipped with three LEDs generating three different wavelengths, the instrument comes in multiple versions. These versions are designed to meet the analysis requirements of specific applications. Currently, we can provide four distinct PF-3 versions for pool, drinking water, soil and COD analysis. Each version can analyze a particular set of parameters, which are vital to analyze in the respective area of application. All versions come in three different options including a box with the photometer, a rugged case with photometer and accessories, or a case with pre-packed reagents.

PF-3 overview:
Version Description Parameter
PF-3 Pool For pools / spas TA, Cya, pH, Cl2, ...
PF-3 Drinking Water For drinking water analysis ClO2, Cl2, pH, Fe, F-, ...
PF-3 Soil For soil analysis NH4-N, NO3-N, PO4-P, K+, ...
PF-3 COD For mobile COD analysis COD
PF-3 Fish For fishing water analysis NH4-N, Cl2, Fe, NO3-N, PO4-P, ...
Select your personal PF-3 solution here.
Test platforms for the PF-3

The PF-3 can handle both our convenient NANOCOLOR® tube tests, as well as the economical VISOCOLOR® test kits. Combining both platforms within, the instrument provides maximum flexibility and allows customers to address their individual analysis needs.

Customer benefits at a glance
919340 Small and compact
  • Handy and easy to carry
  • Light and mobile
  • Compact dimensions
Ideal für alle Ihre Anwendungen im Labor und unterwegs
919340 Easy and convenient
  • Intuitive operation using just 4 buttons
  • Fully developed menu structure
  • Bright display
  • Open cuvette slot
Convenient operation without the need for time consuming training
919340 Strong and tough
  • Glass-fiber reinforced housing
  • Water proof according to IP 68
  • Shock-resistant optics
Safe results even under the most difficult conditions
919340 Comfortable and fast
  • Intuitive instructions with pictograms
  • Color-coded reagent bottles with clear dosing instructions
  • Fast-dissolving reagents save time
  • Maximum safety for the user and easy disposal
Convenient handling for quick analysis
919340 Safe and flexible
  • Runs on standard or rechargeable batteries
  • Power supply via USB port
  • Optional internal accu-pack chargeable via USB
Consistent and safe workflow
919340 Individual and adaptive
  • Various case solutions including reagents
  • Rugged cases with premium foam inlays
  • Flexible case content for multiple applications
Convenient operation with the perfect case for your need
919340 Smart and clever
  • Evaluation of VISOCOLOR® ECO, VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows and NANOCOLOR® tube tests
  • Results in different units
  • Optional storage for just one zero-measurement
  • Data transfer via USB
High measurement safety and easy data administration
919340 Fair and economical
  • Free of charge data export software
  • Add new tests and parameters anytime
  • Cost efficient photometer and reagent bundles
  • Create costumized methods for individual user
Consistently fair concept with impressive price-performance ratio
Technical data
Type: LED photometer with microprocessor control, self-test and auto calibration
Optics: LED + interference filters
Insensitive to external light for quick measurements without cuvette slot cover
Wavelengths: Depending on version, 3 wavelengths possible
Wavelength accuracy: ± 2 nm, bandwidth at half transmission 10–12 nm
Measuring modes: Pre-programmed tests
(NANOCOLOR® tube tests, VISOCOLOR® ECO and VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows tests)
Cuvette slot: Tubes 16 mm OD
Memory: 50 results
Display: Self-explanatory menu guidance, plastic foil keypad
All important data at a glance: Result with unit, date, time
Operation: Self-explanatory menu guidance, plastic foil keypad,
test selection via parameter lists
Languages: DE / EN / FR / ES
Power supply: 3 AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, USB interface; optional internal accu-pack
Housing: Water proof according to IP 68 (1 h, 1 m)
Dimensions: 170 x 95 x 68 mm
This device corresponds to the European low-voltage guideline and the European EMC directive.
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