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Protino® 96 Ni-NTA

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Protino® 96 Ni-NTA

Purification of His-tag proteins

 Unique Protino® Purification Plate
– leak-free incubations
High-throughput purification of His-tag proteins

 Efficient protein purification using chelating group NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid)
• Unique Protino® Purification Plate for leak-free incubation during all steps
• Plate outlet and MN Wash Plate prevent cross-contamination
• High well-to-well reproducibility
• High capacity and high affinity
• Purification under native and denaturing conditions
• Processing under vacuum or by centrifugation

IMAC (immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography)

Chelating ligand NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid)
Format 96-well plates

6 % beaded agarose (cross-linked), precharged with Ni2+

Bead size

45–165 µm

Sample volume < 750 µL/well, supplied matrix is sufficient for 96 preps with 50 µL of settled agarose beads per well
Bed volume Variable (50 µL recommended)
Reproducability between wells ± 5 % in yield

Binding capacity*

2 mg per well when using 50 µL of settled agarose
Storage temperature 4–8 °C
* Binding capacity will vary for each polyhistidine-tagged protein and strongly depends on chromatographic conditions


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Pack of

Specification REF
Protino® 96 Ni-NTA

1 x 96

Protino® Ni-NTA Agarose, Protino® Purification Plate, MN Wash Plate


4 x 96

as above 745425.4
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
Protino® Purification Plate 1 96-well plate, suitable for centrifugation and vacuum 745426.1
4 as above 745426.4
Receiver Plates 10 µm 4 96-well plates with an inserted filter frit of 10 µm pore size, suitable for centrifugation and vacuum 740989.4
NucleoVac 96 Vacuum Manifold


NucleoVac Vacuum Regulator


for controlling of vacuum 740641
MN Shaker Frame 1 shaking frame for Protino® Purification Plate 740489

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