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NucleoSpin® RNA Blood

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NucleoSpin® RNA Blood

RNA from whole blood

Direct blood lysis –
no selective erythrocyte lysis
Isolation of RNA from fresh or frozen whole blood (human or animal)

• Direct total blood lysis – very simple and convenient procedure (patent pending)
• No selective erythrocyte lysis at 4 °C – complete processing at room temperature
• Superior RNA yield and quality from up to 400 µL whole blood
• Efficient on-column DNA removal for an increased sensitivity in downstream applications
• Compatible with common blood collection tubes and anticoagulants
   (e.g., EDTA, citrate, and heparin)
Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns
Sample material

< 400 µL whole blood (fresh or frozen)

Fragment size > 200 nt
Typical yield

1–8 µg (400 µL whole blood)*

Typical purity (A260/A280) 1.9–2.1
Elution volume 40–120 µL
Preparation time 55 min/6 preps
Binding capacity 200 µg
* RNA yield strongly depends on the leukocyte number in each individual blood sample.


• Isolation of RNA from fresh or frozen whole blood from common blood collection tubes
   (EDTA, citrate, heparin)
• Typical downstream applications: qRT-PCR, next generation sequencing, blotting, array technology
* Kits to be used for research purposes only


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NucleoSpin® RNA Blood


NucleoSpin® RNA Blood Columns with Collection Tubes, Collection Tubes (2 mL), buffers, RNase-free rDNase, Liquid Proteinase K 740200.10


as above 740200.50

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