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QUANTOFIX® Arsenic Sensitive
Easy and highly sensitive determination of arsenic in water

Arsenic and arsenic containing compounds are very poisonous. They cause severe poisoning that may lead to death. Therefore, checking drinking water for arsenic is of great importance.
In countries with arsenic containing soil, drinking water may contain significant levels of arsenic. With QUANTOFIX® Arsenic Sensitive the concentration of arsenic in drinking water can be tested quickly and easily.

The especially sensitive test yields results below the WHO/EU limit (0.01 mg/L) for arsenic down to 0.005 mg/L. Thus, dangerous arsenic contamination of drinking water above the WHO limit can be detected easily and reliably. The easy test procedure provides results in ca. 10 minutes and needs only 3 additional reagents. Users do not need additional instruments and no calibration or maintenance of the testing device is necessary. This ensures safe results with minimal effort. Clear instructions with pictograms in the lid of the plastic box make the test easy to use. Potential sulifde interferences have been largely eliminated, which makes the results especially accurate and safe.
The QUANTOFIX® Arsenic Sensitive test kit is an ideal testing solution for water supply organisations, especially in countries where the soil is known or suspected to be contaminated with arsenic and for emergency response units that operate emergency water supply units.

Technical data and ordering information
Type Semi-quantitative test strips
Presentation Rugged case, tube with 100 test strips, reagents and all necessary equipment
Color reaction white → yellow-brown
Gradation 0 · 0,005 · 0,01 · 0,025 · 0,05 · 0,1 · 0,25 · 0,5 mg/l As3+/5+
REF 91345
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