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NANOCOLOR® data export PC software

Current version:
Date: 31.07.2014
Supported photometer: NANOCOLOR® 500 D, 400 D, 350 D, 300 D, 250 D,
PF-12Plus, PF-12, PF-3, Linus und Lumi-10

The new NANOCOLOR® daten export PC software allows the storage and further processing of our measurement results.You can transfer the measurement results to Microsoft Excel or Open Office.
Easy recording of calibration curves for programming user-defined methods.

Key featurs in version 5.0
  • Modification and improvement of the data administration for the photometer PF 3
  • User specific special method design for Photometer PF-3 with the help of the data export software and implementation of a method pool
  • Implementation of the NANOCOLOR® PF-12Plus into the data export software: Possibility of data export from device to PC and design of user specific special methods with the help of the software
Data export
  • The NANOCOLOR® data export PC software allows the direct („online“) storage of measuring (not with PF-12Plus, PF-12 or Lumi 10) reults as well as the transfer from stored measrement results („offline“)
Data storage
  • Due to using the XML file formate easy transfer from measuremant results into data base system possible
  • Easy processing of transfered data with standard software
Recording of calibration curves
  • Automatic recording of cabibration curves (not Lumi 10)
  • Automatic calibration of all needed statitistical values:
    Coefficient of variation of procedure, Standard deviation, and more
  • Print out of calibration protocols
4ystem requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Windows Vista or Windows 7, DVDRom drive, USB or RS-232 interface, VGA with at least 1024 x 768 pixels, MS Excel 2003 or later or OpenOffice 3.2

Ordering information software REF
NANOCOLOR® software for data export for NANOCOLOR® 500 D / 400 D / 350 D / PF-12Plus / PF-12 and luminometer BioFix® Lumi-10 919 02

Zero modem cable, serial, 2x 9 pin SUB-D socket, for NANOCOLOR® 500 D / 400 D / 350 D / PF-11 and BioFix® Lumi 10 919 680

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