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NucleoSpin® TriPrep

NucleoSpin® TriPrep

RNA, DNA and protein isolation

Parallel isolation of RNA, DNA, and protein from undivided samples
• Convenient one-column preparation of RNA, DNA, and protein
• High quality RNA and DNA, ready to use for downstream applications
• High protein yield independent of protein size, localization, modification, etc.
• Easy protein quantification using the MACHEREY-NAGEL Protein Quantification Assay
• Complete kit, including: NucleoSpin® Filters (shredders) for optimal lysis,
   rDNase for on-column DNA digestion, Protein Solving Buffer for solving all types of proteins
Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns
Sample material

< 5 x 106 cells, <30 mg human/ animal Tissue, <100 mg plant

RNA DNA Protein
Fragment size > 200 nt < 30 kbp 15–300 kbp
Typical yield < 70 µg < 6 µg < 1200 µg


Typical RIN (RNA integrity number) > 9
Elution volume (RNA and DNA)
Resolubilization volume (protein)
40–120 µL
100 µL 10–100 µL
Preparation time 30 min/6 preps 35 min/6 preps (RNA+DNA) 30 min/6 preps
Binding capacity 200 µg 10 µg*


• Rapid purification of total RNA, DNA, and protein from small and precious samples – no sample splitting for
   different isolations necessary
• Gene expression profiling, analysis of transgenic organisms, drug screening, genotyping
• Reliable interpretation of RNA, DNA, and protein amounts
• Good preservation of protein primary structure and posttranslational modifications (e.g., protein
   phosphorylation) allows protein analysis without additional inhibitors (e.g., proteinase or phosphatase
• Suitable for a broad spectrum of starting materials, including cultured cells, tissue, bacteria, yeast, and
• RNA and DNA are ready to use for all typical downstream applications
• Proteins are ready to use for SDS-PAGE / Western blotting
* Binding capacity of DNA < 10 μg, strongly depending on RNA amount bound to the membrane.
** Kits to be used for research purposes only.


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NucleoSpin® TriPrep


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