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Protino® GST/4B Columns

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Protino® GST/4B Columns

Purification of GST-tag proteins


Protino® Glutathione Agarose 4B, best choice for cost-effective GST-tag protein purification

• Highest performance equivalent to Glutathione Sepharose™ 4B / GSTrap™ 4B columns
• Simply replace your current products, no optimization or protocol change necessary
• Suitable for small proteins, large protein complexes, proteins with low expression rates – universal use
• Market-leading performance for an unbeatable price

Protino® GST/4B Columns
• Ready-to-use FPLC™ columns filled with Protino® Glutathione Agarose 4B

Protino® GST/4B 1 mL Protino® GST/4B 5 mL
Technology Affinity chromatography Affinity chromatography
Chelating ligand Glutathione, linked via sulfur atom Glutathione, linked via sulfur atom
Format 1 mL FPLC™ columns 5 mL FPLC™ columns
Column dimensions 0.7 cm (inner diameter) x 2.5 cm (height) 1.6 cm (inner diameter) x 2.5 cm (height)
Column body material Polypropylen Polypropylen
Column inlet port 10-32 (1/16'') female 10-32 (1/16'') female
Column outlet port 10-32 (1/16'') male 10-32 (1/16'') male
Matrix 4 % beaded agarose 4 % beaded agarose
Bead size 90 µm 90 µm

Binding capacity*

 10 mg 50 mg 
Max. linear flow rate 250 cm/h 250 cm/h
Max. recommended flow rate 4 mL/min 10 mL/min
Chemical stability

Protino® Gutathione Agarose 4B withstands incubation in 0.1 M acetate
pH 4, 0.1 M NaOH, 70 % ethanol, or 6 M guanidine hydrochloride without significant loss of protein yield

Storage temperature 4–8 °C 4–8 °C
* Binding capacity will vary for each GST-tagged protein
• Purification of GST-tagged proteins
• Compatible with automated liquid chromatography systems (MPLC, FPLC™, ÄKTAdesign™, etc.),
   peristaltic pump, or syringe (adaptors may be necessary, please contact Technical Service)


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Protino GST/4B Columns 1 mL


FPLCTM columns 745510.5
Protino GST/4B Columns 5 mL


FPLCTM columns 745515.1


as above 745515.5

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