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Detection of Sulfite in wine and juices
with QUANTOFIX® Sulfite

Since ancient times humans have used sulfite [SO32-] and sulfur dioxide as antioxidants and preservative agents in wine and juices. Sulfite prevents the growth of microorganisms and the modification through oxygen.
The human organism is generally accustomed to sulfite, but high quantities may cause diarrhea, nausea and headache.
The German directive for juices "Verordnung über Fruchtsaft..." allows a  maximum value of 10 mg/l for sulfur dioxide.
According to the German directive for wine, wine is divided in white wine and red wine. For white wine with less than 5 g residual sugar per liter a maximum quantity of 210 mg/l sulfur dioxide is allowed.
Red wine may have a maximum value of 160 mg/l sulfur dioxide.
Since the 25th November 2004 the directive "VO (EG) 1991/2004" is effective. According to this, every wine bottle must be labeled with the addition "contains sulfite" or "contains sulfur dioxide".
Humans who react allergic to sulfite should make a sulfite test.

Test procedure

Free sulfite:
Fill a glass with sample. Red wine and dark juice should be filtered using activated charcoal paper (e.g. MN 7281)) to avoid false high readings caused by the intense solor of the sample. Dip the test strip into the liquid for one second. Wait 30 seconds and compare the test field with the color scale on the tube. Multiply the reading with 1.5 to get the result for the SO2 content. A salmon coloration indicates the presence of free sulfite in wine or juices.

For the elucidation of the currant juice filter with activated charcoal paper. 

Dip the test strip 1 second into the juice. Compare the test field with the color scale on the tube.

Total sulfite:
Give wine or juice into a glass. Filter dark juice and wine before with activated charcoal paper (e.g. MN 7281)). Add sodium hydroxide1) to the sample and bring it to pH=12. Check the pH value with pH-Fix 0-14 PT1) (REF 92111). Dip the QUANTOFIX® Sulfite test strip into the sample for one second. Wait 30 seconds and compare the test field with the color scale on the tube. A salmon coloration detects total sulfite.

Add sodium hydroxide1) to the white wine and mix it. Check the value pH=12 with pH-Fix 0-14 PT1). Dip sulfite test strip into sample for 1 second and compare it with color scale.
Product data and ordering information: QUANTOFIX® Sulfite
Type Semiquantitative test strip
Presentation Tube of 100 test strips
Color reaction white to salmon
Limit of sensitivity 0-10-25-50-100-250-500-1000 mg/l SO32-
Reference 91306

Important information:
Depending on the concentration sodium hydroxide is strongly caustic. Please pay attention on the information on the package as well as on the information in the material
safety data sheets.

1) not provided with the test

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