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Tissue XS

NucleoSpin® Tissue XS

Genomic DNA from tissue and cells

Purification of genomic, bacterial, and viral DNA from smallest samples

• High sensitivity for DNA isolation from small sample quantities, such as biopsy
   materials,forensic samples, or FACS sorted cells
• Elution in as little as 5 μL resulting in concentrated DNA
• Excellent DNA recovery and purity for reliable results
• DNA ready to use for multiplex PCR and all common downstream applications

Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format Mini spin columns – XS design
Sample material

0.025–10 mg human /animal tissue
1–30 µL, fresh or frozen fresh or frozen blood
10–10000 human / animal cells
spots of 5–30 mm2 Guthrie cards

Fragment size 200 bp–approx. 50 kbp
Typical yield
0.1–0.5 ng (100 HeLa cells)
1–5 ng (1000 HeLa cells)
10–50 ng (10000 HeLa cells)
20–100 ng (0.025 mg mouse liver)
200–1000 ng (0.25 mg mouse liver)
600–3000 ng (2.5 mg mouse liver)
A260/A280 1.7–1.9
Elution volume 5–30 µL
Preparation time 40 min/prep (excl. lysis)
Binding capacity 50µg
• DNA isolation from tissue (e.g., mouse kidney, laser micro-dissections)
• DNA isolation from cells (e.g., bacteria, yeast, cultured cells)
• DNA isolation from clinical samples (e.g., biopsy samples, fine needle aspirates)
• DNA isolation from forensic samples (e.g., dried blood spots, buccal swabs, finger prints)
• DNA suitable for sensitive applications (e.g., multiplex PCR, real-time PCR)
* Kits to be used for research purposes only


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NucleoSpin® Tissue XS


NucleoSpin® Tissue XS Columns, Collection Tubes (2 mL), buffers, Proteinase K 740901.10


as above 740901.50


as above 740901.250
Product accessories Preps Specification REF
NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters 10 NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters plus Collection Tubes (2 mL), blistered, ethylene oxide treated 740988.10
50 as above 740988.50
250 as above 740988.250
NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters
50 NucleoSpin® Forensic Filters, Collection Tubes
(2 mL), bulk packed, blistered, ethylene oxide treated
250 as above 740988.250B
1000 as above 740988.1000B

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