CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 vacuum manifold  

CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 is designed for use in common robotic workstations or commercially available liquid handling systems. Alternatively, use of multi-channel pipettors facilitates a manual liquid transfer. Extraction is carried our using the CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 vacuum manifold. With the help of the control valve the vacuum of the manifold can be adjusted leading to an optimum flow rate through the CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 SPE plate.   A reservoir tank and 96-well collection plates (96 x 0.5 or 96 x 2 ml) made of polypropylene can be supplied as accessories. An interesting alternative for collection of the eluates is a collection rack, which can be fitted with twelve 8-well strips of polypropylene tubes (each 1 ml). If you have to work on less than 96 samples, you can seal individual rows of the 96-well plate with a PTFE-covered rubber pad.


Ordering information

Description Pack of REF
CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 vacuum manifold
with reservoir tank, vacuum gauge, and control valve
1 738630.M
96-well microtitre plates (polypropylene) 96 x 0.25 ml 10 738651
96-deep-well collecting plate (polypropylene) 96 x 2 ml 5 738650.5
Collection racks with polypropylene tube strips (twelve 8-well strips) 96 x 1.0 ml 5 738637
Polypropylene tube strips (twelve 8-well strips) 96 x 1.0 ml 10 738652
8-well strip sealing caps for PP tube strips (REF 738652) 30 738638
Reservoir tanks (polypropylene) 2 738639.M
Butyl rubber pad, PTFE covered
for sealing of individual rows of the 96-well plate, 125 x 85 mm
1 738645
The ordering information of 96-well plates packed with individual CHROMABOND® adsorbents is listed with the respective phases.

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