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Potassium iodate starch paper
Quick and easy determination of sulfite and sulfur dioxide

The test paper allows the rapid detection of sulfite and sulfur dioxide. The paper is used in food analyzing laboratories. The reaction is as follows:
2 IO3 + 5 SO32– + 2 H+ → 5 SO42– + I2 + H2O
Sulfurous acid or sulfites reduce potassium iodate to free iodine. With starch, iodine gives a characteristic blue-black color. For a detection of sulptie with high sensitivity we recommend Sulfite Test paper (REF 907 63).

Data and ordering information
REF 90753
Type Qualitative test paper
Presentation Reel of 5 m length and 7 mm width
Color reaction   
white → blue-black
Limit of sensitivity 5 mg/L SO2
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