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QUANTOFIX® Phosphate test strips
Quick and easy phosphate testing

Phosphate testing - Phosphate test strips

These test strips allow the quick and easy testing of phosphate in solutions. The test strips come with all necessary reagents so that measurements can be started immediately. Within 2 minutes one gets reliable testing results.

In surface water, the presence of high phosphate concentrations may indicate domestic waste discharge, fertilizer runoff or the presence of industrial effluents or detergents. The phosphate content of surface water has direct consequences for its ability to support growth of certain organisms. Very high phosphate intake may lead to an eutrophication of rivers and lakes resulting finally in the death of aquatic life.
In the maintaining of cooling or heating systems QUANTOFIX® Phosphate is used for the rapid and reliable testing of corrosion inhibitors.

QUANTOFIX® Phosphate is the ideal choice for quick and reliable on-site phosphate testing.

Product data and ordering information
Type Semi-quantitative test strips
Presentation Tube of 100 test strips with reagents
Color reaction white → blue-green
Gradation 0 · 3 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 mg/l PO43–
REF 91320


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