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QUANTOFIX® Total Iron 100
Quick and easy determination of total iron


These test strips allow the quick and easy determination of total iron in solutions. The easy dip & read procedure provides reliable results withou the need for training or experience. Within 1 minute one gets a reliable result.

Iron is frequently used for water pipes and vessels in industrial applications. Therefore, dissolved iron in process water is an important indicator for the level of corrosion. In drinking water, dissolved iron is not desirable as it leads to a brown color and a foul taste.

The QUANTOFIX® Total Iron 100 test strips are the ideal tool to test low iron concentrations in water quickly and easily down to concentrations of 2 mg/L.

Product data and ordering information
Type Semi-quantitative test strips
Presentation Tube of 100 test strips
Color reaction 
white → blue-violet
Gradation 0 · 2 · 5 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 mg/L Fe2+/3+
REF 91344


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