Blood sample storage cards


Blood sample storage card for subsequent DNA extraction

• Convenient storage of blood samples at room temperature
• Easy extraction of DNA with NucleoSpin® Tissue kit significantly reduces
   failure rates
• Suitable for use in real-time PCR assays


Technology Impregnated specialized filter paper
Format Filter cards*
Sample material to be stored < 200 µL blood
Storage temperature 18–25 °C
Storage life 8 years and counting


• Long-term storage of ≤ 200 µL blood samples at 18–25 °C
• Stabilizes samples and prevents damage upon long-term storage
• Ideal for shipping of blood samples

*   Custom configurations available on request
** NucleoCard® cards are not intended for diagnostic and therapeutic use; 

Procedure / Principle

Use of liquid blood samples always implicates storage and stability problems whenever the blood is not directly used as starting material for DNA extraction after blood withdrawal.
Long-term storage of liquid whole blood requires freezer capacity (-80 °C) as DNA has limited stability in whole blood at any higher temperatures. Especially if shipping of blood samples is required, it is difficult to guarantee maintenance of the cold chain.
Nowadays downstream applications and detection systems are significantly improved in terms of sensitivity – thus less DNA is required for the downstream applications and a single blood spot includes sufficient DNA for genotyping.
NucleoCard® cards guarantee long-term storage of blood by a sophisticated impregnation of the specialized filter paper. This prevents DNA damage and degradation upon storage. Genomic DNA isolated from blood samples stored on NucleoCard® cards at room temperature for over 3 years (and counting) has been successfully amplified by PCR.

(1) Load up to 200 µL blood sample onto collection circles
(2) Let the card dry for 30–60 min and store at 18–25 °C.
(3) For DNA extraction punch out 3 mm disk and purify DNA with a reliable DNA purification kit, for example 
      NucleoSpin® Tissue


Application data

Isolation of genomic DNA from dried blood spots
Blood samples were stored on NucleoCard® cards and on storage cards of competitor W, respectively. The cards were stored for 24 months at room temperature and genomic DNA was subsequently purified from three 3 mm punches per extraction following the NucleoSpin Tissue support protocol. DNA was finally eluted in 100 µL whereof 10 µL were applied to the presented agarose gel.

Lane 1–4: DNA isolated from NucleoCard®;
Lane 5–8: DNA isolated from product W;
Lane 9–10: Genomic DNA purified from 20 µL of fresh blood as a reference.
Typical DNA yields were 5–30 ng (NucleoCard®) and 1–5 ng with product W. Typical DNA fragment lenghts were about 20 kb
NucleoCard® blood storage cards result in very good yield and purity of integer genomic DNA – the combination of NucleoCard® blood storage cards and the NucleoSpin® Tissue extraction kit is significantly superior to competitor W!

PCR amplification of gDNA purified from blood samples stored on NucleoCard®
DNA was purified from blood samples stored for 24 months on a NucleoCard® card and a storage card of competitor W, respectively, following the NucleoSpin® Tissue support protocol.

Lane 1, 2: PCR fragments obtained from blood sample stored on NucleoCard®;
Lane 3, 4: PCR fragments obtained from blood sample stored on product W.
10 µL of the purified DNA were each used as template for a subsequent PCR amplification of a 5.2 kb fragment
NucleoCard® cards prevent DNA from damage and degradation upon storage. The subsequent DNA purification with NucleoSpin® Tissue results in high quality and integrity of the purified DNA – thus even amplification of very long DNA fragments is enabled! 

STR analysis of gDNA purified from blood samples stored for three years on NucleoCard®
DNA was purified from NucleoCard® following the NucleoSpin® Tissue support protocol. As a reference DNA was isolated from frozen blood which was stored for three years at -20 °C. DNA was quantified by real-time PCR using the ABI Quantifiler™ Human DNA quantification kit. STR analysis was performed using the Promega Powerplex® 16 System. 1 ng of DNA was used for amplification. (Data kindly provided by Dr. R. Schubbert, Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH, Martinsried, Germany).
All STR loci could be amplified, no inhibition was observed. Results obtained from NucleoCard® card stored blood are in agreement with results obtained from frozen stored blood.
Storage of blood samples on NucleoCard® blood storage cards and subsequent DNA purification with NucleoSpin® Tissue results in high DNA quality. The ideal starting material for real-time PCR!




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