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Porablot NCP / NCL

Porablot NCL

Nitrocellulose membranes

The classical transfer medium for binding proteins and nucleic acids - the supporting tissue prevents breaking, tearing, or shrinking
Membrane material 100 % nitrocellulose with inert supporting tissue
Membrane character Hydrophilic
Pore size 0.45 µm
Binding capacity 100 µg/cm2
• Southern, Northern, and Western blotting, colony and plaque transfer, dot blotting
• Also available without supporting tissue, see Porablot NCP

The Porablot NCL membrane (100 % nitrocellulose) is stabilized with a supporting tissue. The membrane is well suited for transfer of proteins and nucleic acids. Stabilization by the inert supporting tissue prevents breaking or tearing of the membrane during handling at higher temperatures and shrinking in acids or organic solvents. The sturdy nature of the membrane also allows multiple use with different probes.


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Pack of

Pore size [µm] REF
Porablot NCL

0.3 x 3 m

1 roll

0.45 741290

200 x 200 mm

10 sheets 0.45 741291

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