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Porablot PVDF

Porablot PVDF

PVDF membranes

The classical transfer membrane for Western transfer, protein binding assays, and protein sequencing
Membrane material Polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF)
membrane character Hydrophobic
Pore size

0.20 µm

Binding capacity 50-100 µg/cm2*
* For large, globular proteins such as immunoglobulins. For smaller peptides the binding capacity is correspondingly larger
• Western blotting, protein binding assays, protein sequencing
Principle / Procedure

This polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membrane is especially suited for Western transfer, protein binding assays and protein sequencing. The pure white microporous surface (pore size 0.2 μm) can bind proteins of very different type via hydrophobic interaction. The proteins thus immobilised can directly be used for gas or liquid phase sequencing or amino acid analyses. Porablot PVDF has a binding capacity of 50 to 100 μg/cm2 for large, globular proteins such as immunoglobins. For smaller peptides it shows a correspondingly larger binding capacity. Non-specific interactions with the membrane surface can be avoided with a number of blocking reagents, such as casein, bovine serum albumin and detergents. In addition to anionic dyes, gold or silver staining, detection of proteins can also be performed with non-radioactive detection systems (e.g., biotin/avidin peroxidase system). The Porablot PVDF membrane features a high tensile strength and tear resistance. It is resistant towards most organic solvents. There is no risk of shrinking upon treatment with methanol. Since even trifluoroacetic acid and triethylamine do not attack the surface, the membranes are suitable for use in amino acid analysers and gas phase sequencing instruments. 

Application data

Efficient transfer of large, medium and small proteins on Porablot PVDF
A: dried PAA gel (10 %)
B: Porablot PVDF membrane (transfer with electroblotting, detection with amido black)
1 = 100 ng/lane 2 = 5000 ng/lane

Protein Western Blot with the Porablot PVDF membrane
Lanes 1 and 5: MultiMark multi-coloured standard (NOVEX)

Lanes 2 and 6: SeeBlue prestained standard (NOVEX)

NOVEX 10 % NuPage gel
Buffer: MOPS/SDS

Transfer buffer:
12 mM Tris, 90 mM glycine, 20 % methanol

25 V, 1 h, 100 mA


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Pore size [µm] REF
Porablot PVDF

0.25 x 3 m

1 roll

0.20 741260

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