Scientist-Flowers in a Kids-Lab
A cooperation between MACHEREY-NAGEL and the University of Regensburg

Children at elementary school age are very curious and can easily be inspired by unusual phenomena. Unfortunately, they don’t have many opportunities to discover such phenomena or to engage in them more closely. Often parents don’t have enough time and are rarely have a strong science background, while even in schools, not all science related questions can be answered. Therefore, the Faculty of Applied Chemistry of the University of Regensburg offers a special Kids-Lab. In the lab, the young participants execute interesting experiments in a playful manner and thus learn to understand the fundamentals of chemistry.

MACHEREY-NAGEL actively supports the Kids-Lab. In of the experiments, the young “chemists” create Science-Flowers using felt pen chromatography on our MN 615 filter paper. The children like this experiment in particular, as they can take the Science-Flowers home.

The Experiment
To create a Science-Flower is easy. Fill a beaker with warm water and take a filter circle. Then paint a pattern in the middle of the filter, cut out a little hole in the center, and stick a rolled filter paper through the whole. For the last step, place the filter circle over the beaker, so that the rolled-up filter can draw the water upwards. Thus, classic chemistry becomes a beautiful Science-Flower.

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