Instruction leaflet:

Silica-based protein phase
for HPLC enantiomer separation
Base material NUCLEOSIL® silica, particle size 7 µm, pore size 300 Å;
chiral selector bovine serum albumin (BSA) · USP L75
Separation based on selective interaction of proteins with low molecular compounds, i. e. principles of bioaffinity, including hydrophobic interactions (similar to a true reversed phase), interactions of polar groups and steric effects
Eluent in column 0.1 M phosphate buffer pH 7.5, 2 % 1-propanol
Recommended application: amino acid derivatives, aromatic amino acids, aromatic sulphoxides, barbiturates, benzodiazepinones, benzoin and benzoin derivatives, β-blockers, coumarin derivatives, and for monitoring stereoselective microbial and enzymatic conversions
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Ordering Information
      Length 150 mm   EC guard column*
EC analytical columns    
4 mm DI   720046.40   721402.30
All columns and guard columns in packs of 1    
* EC 4/3 guard column cartridges are used for EC columns of 4 mm ID with the Column Protection System guard column holder (REF 718966).

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